Thanksgiving Message from Flint


Making a Clear Passage for Yourself

Dear Friends,

Over the past several years, especially since 2012, you have likely been examining many different alternative directions in your life and exploring which way might be the best to follow. Just like a tree growing tall with all of its branches, you may have been exploring many possibilities in various areas of your life.

And now, as of Nov 22-23, around the shift of the Sun to Sagittarius, you may feel a need for more clarity and decisions and making focused choices for your future.

So you may feel the need to shut down some of those old branches of exploration that have just become distractions and they are no longer valid for you. It's kind of like pruning the tree, to give it better shape and healthier growth. You have to choose the direction you are going and clear up the old directions that may be hanging out like loose threads in your life. That means throwing out old clothes, old books and belongings, useless attitudes and topics in your mind and even relationships in some cases.

You'll find examples of those explorations in your computer. Make time to clean those folders as well so that you can move ahead with more clarity and with a sense of priority in your life. It doesn't mean you have to be heavy and serious, in fact you can feel light-hearted and relieved as you make your path forward a little clearer for yourself. Other people will understand you better as well as you will become more simple.

Today is Thanksgiving day in Japan and USA. Be thankful for what you have and make it clear that you are choosing these things with true gratitude so you can begin to energize your path forward from your heart and spirit.
Thank You!

An Abundant Year Awaits You!


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